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Egypt, a destination steeped in history and, starting from more recent times, with the possibility of relaxation. Located in North Africa and overlooking both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, Egypt is one of the most populous countries in the world, and in recent years it has developed a lot from a tourist point of view, so much so that places such as Sharm el Sheich, Hurghada , Ain Soukhna Makadi Bay, Berenice have become true references for those who are looking for a holiday full of sea and beaches bordering on fairytale. But Egypt is not just the sea: here is a list of 10 things to see absolutely.


  1. Necropolis of Giza
  2. Egyptian museum
  3. Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens
  4. Saqqara
  5. Aswan Dam
  6. Mount Sinai
  7. Karnak temple complex
  8. Aswan market
  9. Abu Simbel
  10. The River Nile
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Necropolis of Giza

Probably the largest site in the world regarding the pyramids, after over 4.600 years it still preserves wonderful ancient Egyptian monuments: among these we mention the Pyramid of Cheops Pyramid of Chefren and Pyramid of Menkaure. And that's not all: there is the possibility to get on a camel or a horse and go to the hill overlooking the pyramids, to admire the wonderful landscape, even more beautiful during the sunset. In the necropolis of Giza there is also the monolithic sphinx largest of all Egypt.

2 - Egyptian Museum

Located at Cairo, the Egyptian museum holds the largest collection in the world of ancient Egyptian works: with over 100.000 pieces to discover, a day in here may not be enough. There are some extra visits that require an additional payment: let's talk about the Exhibition of Mummies, with a number of pharaohs including Ramses II.

3 - Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens

La Kings' Valley, located near ancient Thebes, is of important historical importance: for over 500 years it was the area chosen for the burial of the rulers of Ancient Egypt. A separate area, called Valley of the Queens. The two areas are geographically very close.

4 - Saqqara

Another very important necropolis, the most famous monument is the step pyramid of Djoser, historical pharaoh of the 12rd dynasty of Egypt: it is estimated that this is the oldest of all the pyramids of Egypt. The site is also home to other smaller pyramids.

5 - Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam is the largest and most modern dam in all of Egypt: inaugurated in 1970, it has a basin volume of approximately 169.000 million cubic meters and a height of 111 meters. During construction, more than 90.000 people had to leave their homes in order not to be submerged by the artificial lake created, Lake Nasser.

6 - Mount Sinai

Mountain located in the Sinai peninsula, has an altitude of 2.285 meters above sea level and is a very important area from the religious point of view: at the base of the mountain, where the Monastery of St. Catherine, there is the place where God would have manifested himself to Moses. You can go up on foot or by camel, and both along the climb and on the top there are various temples and amphitheaters.

7 - Karnak temple complex

Large archaeological area containing the Great Temple of Amun and the Luxor Temple, is made up of several structures added over the years. The dimensions of the complex are truly enormous: the total area is about 300.000 square meters.

8 - Aswan Market

For those who love shopping, the Aswan market is not to be missed: let's think of the Aladdin cartoon just to get an idea of ​​the shapes, colors and objects available here. As in many African countries, it is very important to bargain on the price: from the starting cost it is possible to go down to age.

9 - Abu Simbel

Another archaeological site of enormous historical importance, is located in the area of ​​Aswan, in Southern Egypt. Consisting of two enormous rock temples - the major temple and the minor temple -, it was wanted by the pharaoh Ramses II. It has been for almost 40 years Unesco World Heritage.

10 - The Nile River

A mention of the Nile river cannot be missing, the historic river on whose banks the ancient Egyptian civilization developed, giving the input for the constitution of future sedentary civilizations. The Nile with its 6.853 km is the longest African river, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. During its length it crosses 7 African countries. Nile cruises are organized, both for romantic moments and for more tourist desires.

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