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When you say Cambridge, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously theUniversity, one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions in the world, but beyond that the city has so much to offer.
In the city you can breathe a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, do not miss to walk its streets admiring the street artists, or shopping among the colorful markets. And for a moment of relaxation, why not take advantage of its beautiful parks, where you can enjoy picnics, or one of the many pubs and cafes that populate the city? And don't forget to have the wonderful experience of renting a punt (a boat with a long oar) and take a trip along the River Cam, one of the main activities of the town.

But of course, the main attraction is the magnificent university buildings in the city. Visiting these ancient colleges is an experience that you absolutely must not miss, to be able to immerse yourself in their history.
As you have seen, there are so many attractions that this beautiful town offers, we list them 10 things you absolutely must see in and around Cambridge.


  1. Trinity College
  2. King's College and King's College Chapel
  3. Fitzwilliam Museum
  4. Cambridge University Botanical Garden
  5. Grantchester Village
  6. Imperial war museum
  7. Round Church
  8. Queen's College
  9. Anglesey Abbey
  10. Wandlebury Country Park
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Trinity College

Il Trinity College it is one of the 31 colleges that make up the University of Cambridge, the largest. The college was built in 1546 by Henry VIII and is one of the most elite colleges in England, attended by scientists, British politicians and members of the royal family. Here we recommend that you visit the King's Hostel, Great Court, New Court and Wren Library.

  • from Cambridge station, by bus 1, 3 or U (approximately 15 minutes), costing £ 1,00
  • from November to March 10,00 - 15,30; from July to October 10,00 - 17,00
  • adults £ 3,00; children £ 1,00

2 - King's College and King's College Chapel

Il King's College is another of the colleges that form the University of Cambridge, born in 1441 by the will of King Henry VI, King's College is one of the main attractions of the city, especially for King's College Chapel, one of the most stunning examples of Gothic architecture in the UK. You cannot fail to be enchanted by the chapel's magnificent stained glass windows, dating back to the th century and of Flemish origin. Famous throughout the world, it is the choir of King's College Chapel, one of the most famous of the British choral tradition.

  • from Cambridge station, by bus 1, 3 or U (approximately 15 minutes), costing £ 1,00
  • Monday to Saturday 9,30-15,30
  • adults £ 9,00; children free

3 - Fitzwilliam Museum

In addition to its famous colleges, a visit to Cambridge cannot be complete without first visiting the famous one Fitzwilliam museum, one of the UK's leading museum foundations. The building was built in 1848 by the architect Charles Robert Cockrell and inside it houses a vast art collection, with many masterpieces of Italian art from the Sienese school and works by Tintoretto, Mantegna and Vasari. Also not to be missed is the section dedicated to ancient manuscripts and books, with the works of important English writers and poets.
If you wish, you can book a guided tour of the museum for £ 6,00 every Saturday at 14,30pm.

  • from Cambridge station, by bus 7 (approximately 20 minutes), for £ 1,00
  • Tuesday to Saturday 10 am - 17 pm; Sunday 12 - 17
  • free donation

4 - Cambridge University Botanical Garden

L'botanical garden of the University of Cambridge is an important institution founded by Charles Darwin's mentor, Professor John Henslow. The garden is located in the south of the city, between Trumpington road and Hills road, near the train station and covers an area of ​​about 16 hectares. Inside is housed a collection of over 8000 species of plants, a magnificent arboretum, a winter garden and a greenhouse, and represents one of the most beautiful collections, as well as listed among experts in the sector. The garden is divided into ten thematic areas, which are definitely worth discovering.

  • from Cambridge station it is about a 10 minute walk.
  • from April to September 10 - 18; February, March and October until 17pm; from November to January until 16pm
  • adults £ 5,00; children free

5 - Grantchester Village

Il Grantchester Village is a delightful village located along the River Cam a few miles from Cambridge. It is definitely worth going here, perhaps with a nice bike ride, to admire the particular architecture characterized by the presence of thatched-roof cottages and enjoy a little relaxation. Famous for having the greatest concentration of Nobel laureates who inhabit it, here you can also visit the Norman church, dating back to the th century, and the pleasant Orchard Tea Garden, a tea house known as a haunt of intellectuals.

  • Directions
  • always open
  • free admission

6 - Imperial War Museum

Aviation enthusiasts can definitely not fail to visit the interesting Imperial war museum, located in Duxford, south of Cambridge. It is a detached part of the Imperial War Museum in London and is considered the most important British and European aeronautical museum, with its 200 aircraft housed inside.

  • Bus no. 132 takes you to the museum from Cambridge city center on Sundays, a 50-minute journey for £ 3,90
  • from Easter to October: 10 am - 18 pm; November to Easter: 10am - 16pm
  • adults £ 16,35; children £ 8,15

7 - Round Church

La Round Church Cambridge is one of the oldest churches in the UK. The church dates back to 1130 and is characterized by its neo-Gothic and Norman architecture. It was built by Knights Templar and is characterized by the particular circular-shaped nave, studded with heavy Norman-style pillars. A place with a mystical atmosphere, which is worth visiting.

  • from Cambridge station by bus 3 (approximately 20 minutes), costing £ 1,00
  • from Tuesday to Saturday 10-17; Sunday 13-16
  • £ 2,50

8 - Queen's College

Il Queen's College is one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge, founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou, wife of the sovereign Henry VI, stands along the River Cam, the main buildings of the college are located on both banks, connected by Mathematical Bridge, which connects the older part of the college with the newer one. You must not miss the two enchanting medieval courts, the Old Court e Cloister Court.

  • from Cambridge station, by bus 1, 3 or U (approximately 15 minutes), costing £ 1,00
  • 10.00 - 16.00
  • £ 3,00

9 - Anglesey Abbey

About 9km north of Cambridge, you can visit the magnificent Anglesey Abbey, a typically English country estate, former priory, perfectly maintained. Here it is possible to visit in addition to the delightful country house, also the mill and the wonderful gardens, one of the main attractions among tourists, where you can admire different varieties of plants and flowers, including the rose garden and the dahlia garden, which host several species. Do not miss the Circular Temple and Winter walk, a romantic walk to do in winter, under the snow. But in the garden there are many paths that you can take, to discover this incredible estate. Everything you need for a day of pure relaxation.

  • Directions
  • Monday to Sunday 10.00-16.30
  • entire property: adults £ 13,30, children £ 6,90; gardens and mill only: adults £ 7,65, children £ 4,35

10 - Wandlebury Country Park

Set on top of the Magog Hills, south of Cambridge, find the Wandlebury Country Park, a delightful park open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset, ideal for a relaxing break surrounded by greenery. This magnificent park offers about 40 hectares of pristine meadows, fields and woods, as well as about twelve kilometers of paths to follow to discover the local flora.
Its vastness and variety of landscapes make it perfect for spending a whole day outdoors. Here you can immerse yourself in the winding paths through the woods, in the beautiful paths under the trees, and admire the gentle hills with tall grass and the fields where cows and sheep graze.

  • by taxi, around £ 11,00 (around 10 minutes); by bus n. 13 from Cambridge city center, costs £ 1,00 (approximately 10-15 minutes).
  • always open
  • free admission

Plan your stay in Cambridge: Flight, Hotel and Tour

Cambridge is an easy city to visit, you can find cheap accommodation in the city center, and there is also the possibility of staying overnight in one of the city's universities, a truly unique opportunity to closely observe life on the English campus.

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