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Capital of Colombia, belonging to the eastern Andes mountain range, Bogotà, which has about nine million inhabitants, is certainly an unmissable destination during a trip to Colombian land.
Heart of this country expresses its soul through breathtaking colors and views at more than two thousand meters above sea level, the capital is in fact set between mountains and Savannah and is crossed by the Rio Bogotà.
A "gypsy" and fascinating city, to be known and remembered for the rest of one's life. Let's find out together 10 things to see in Bogota, Colombia


  1. Gold Museum
  2. Botero Museum
  3. Catedral de Sal of Zipaquira
  4. Basilica of the Senor de Monserrate
  5. Plaza Bolivar
  6. La Candelaria
  7. Monserrate
  8. Botanical Garden
  9. National Museum of Colombia
  10. Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedo
  11. Plan your stay in Bogota: interactive map + info on flights, hotels and tours
  12. User questions and comments

1 - Gold Museum

Founded in 1939, this very precious and bewitching treasurer allows a visit to discover one of the most important resources of the Indians: gold. Inside the museum, in addition to the beauty and brilliance of the many exhibits, it is possible to witness and learn how the processing of this precious metal took place, even before the Spanish invasion.

Also equipped with audio-video rooms completely in the dark, it allows visitors not to miss even a minimum sparkle, however a suggestive and unforgettable experience, where through jewels and precious objects it is possible to know the history of the Colombian populations.

  • by subway with lines J70, D95, J95, D70, J24 - Get directions
  • 9:00 - 18:00 (weekdays), 10:00 - 16:00 (holidays). Closed on Mondays.
  • $ 3.000 (€ 0,83 approximately)
  • Bogotá: half day city tour

2 - Botero Museum

Considered among the most important art collections in Latin America, the Botero Museum tells the professional and artistic history of the most important Colombian painter and sculptor: Fernando Botero.

It was founded in 2000, the year in which the artist gave up 123 of his works (his characters with rounded shapes are characteristic) e 85 from his private collection of world-renowned artists, such as: Dalì, Picasso, Renoir, Monet and many others, at the Banco della Repubblica, which decided to open the doors of this temple dedicated to the same artist.

Walking through the rooms of the museum it is therefore possible to admire and learn about the different styles that influenced the Master, because as he himself admitted: "in art, the secret to growth is to compare oneself".

  • in Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 121, 162, 252, C27, T13, T25; in Transmilenio (Bus) with lines H83, J23, J74, L82 - Get directions
  • 9:00 - 19:00. Closed on Tuesday.
  • free

3 - Catedral de Sal of Zipaquira

Fully carved Christian shrine in a 180 meter deep salt mine. Proposed as a wonder of the world, the Salt Cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary is 50 km from Bogotà and is a truly unmissable stop.Inside it is possible to admire statues and works in salt and marble, including "The creation of man", to pay homage to Michelangelo, and walk the way of the cross in tunnels dug into the rock; moreover the sacred music as background, accompanied by the light that filters through, makes the atmosphere cozy and suggestive, for a unique and intimate experience.

  • by bus with line B18 - Get directions
  • 9 pm (CET)
  • $ 1.500 (€ 0,41 approximately)
  • From Bogotá: Full-day tour of the Catedral de Sal with lunch

4 - Basilica of the Senor de Monserrate

Blend of nature, devotion and emotion to aaltitude of 3.200 meters, at the top of Monserrate. Pilgrimage to be covered on foot or by cable car, up to the Basilica, which looks like a simple church, if compared to the European Basilicas, rich in frescoes and art, but characterized by the very particular Christ lying down: dating back to 1656 and made of wood and iron, with real human hair and eyelashes, also surrounded by a breathtaking view over the entire city of Bogota, like a painting painted directly by God.
Behind the Basilica it is also possible to visit a market of handicrafts, souvenirs and typical culinary delicacies, for an immersion in the flavors and colors of Colombia.

  • with Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 107B, 18-3, 626B, 97 - Get directions
  • Weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00; Holidays from 6:00 to 17:00.
  • free
  • Bogotá: Tour of the Sanctuary of Monserrate

5 - Plaza Bolivar

The main square of Bogota, covers almost 14.000 square meters and is the central point in which there are some of the most important buildings in the city: the Palace of Justice, the Capitol, the House of the Ecclesiastical Council, the Cathedral etc.

In the center of the square stands a fountain, which since 1583 has replaced the public pillory used until then for those who committed crimes against the Spanish colonists. The name of the square derives from Simon Bolivar, a general honored by a bronze statue placed in the center of the square.

  • with Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 121, 162, 252, C27, T13, T25; in Transmilenio (Bus) with lines H83, J23, J74, L82 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

6 - La Candelaria

La Candelaria it is the real historical center of Bogota. Picturesque neighborhood for its small cafes, colonial-style houses: with railings and red tiles, cultural centers, libraries and theaters. La Candelaria is the perfect place for a direct contact with Colombian traditions: from food sold directly on the street, to typical drinks such as Salpicon, to be sipped while walking, to markets and restaurants offering typical cuisine. Very close to Plaza Bolivar, is the place perfect for spending half a day of relaxation, good food and shopping.

  • in Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 121, 162, 252, C27, T13, T25; in Transmilenio (Bus) with lines H83, J23, J74, L82 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Bogota City Tour: La Candelaria

7 - Monserrate

Breathtaking views and clean air for a day trip just outside Bogota. Monserrate is a stop not to be missed, however the beauty of the landscape offered at an altitude of 3.200 m. Summit to be reached on foot, for adventurers, or by cable car, for a special and adrenaline-filled experience, under the blue sky of Colombia.
On the mountain there are restaurants and markets, to cheer the effort of the climb and to characterize an unforgettable moment in an authentic and traditional way. Perfect for souvenir photos and for a day away from the chaos of the city.

  • in Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 107B, 18-3, 626B, 97 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

8 - Botanical Garden

Founded in 1955, the Botanical Garden is the perfect opportunity for a moment of relaxation. Full of colors and scents, it hosts plants belonging to many species: from medicinal plants to orchids of all colors and shades, from rose gardens to bonsai, to representations of the Andean rainforest. Inside the garden there are also hot greenhouses, waterfalls, auditoriums where conferences and concerts are held periodically, restaurants, cafes and very interesting and fun workshops for children. The Botanical Garden is the perfect place for a relaxing outing suitable for the whole family.

  • in Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 228, 492, 59B, SE6 - Get directions
  • 8 pm (CET)
  • $ 4000 (€ 1,10).

9 - National Museum of Colombia

Founded in 1823 and used as a penitentiary until the middle of the last century, it represents today one of the oldest museums in America and it is another must see during a trip to Bogota.
Place of custody of historical, archaeological and artistic evidence of pre-Columbian and Colombian history, it is divided into three different areas and organized according to didactic and interactive paths, also suitable for children, which allow you to make an evocative journey through time: from native peoples to more recent times, for a purely cultural and instructive moment.
Outside you can find souvenir shops and a café, to take a relaxing break.

  • in Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines G43, 192, 579 - Get directions
  • 10 pm (CET)
  • Adults $ 4.000 (€ 1,10 approximately); Students $ 3.000 (€ 0,80 approximately); Children (5 to 12 years) $ 2.000 (€ 0,50 approximately)

10 - Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedo

Presumably the point from which the city of Bogota was founded in 1537, Chorro de Quevedo, with its very pretty little square, it is the oldest district of the city, where you can breathe a cheerful and sparkling atmosphere. Meeting point for young people, full of clubs, restaurants, cafes, musicians and street artists. The neighborhood respects the colonial style and is very colorful thanks to the many graffiti that adorn it, making it very special.
However, a visit to this neighborhood is recommended before sunset, to avoid unpleasant encounters or situations, which unfortunately are on the agenda in Colombia.

  • in Sitp (integrated public transport system) with lines 257, C135, C80, T31; in Transmilenio (Bus) with lines J24, J6 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

Plan your stay in Bogota: interactive map + info on flights, hotels and tours

Always contrasted between beauty and human misery, Bogotà is certainly not a simple city. There are high rates of violence, mainly committed against women, who are particularly not recommended in unsafe neighborhoods. Before going to Bogota, it is necessary to inform yourself well and try to stay in safe and recommendable neighborhoods. It is also advisable to visit this city in the two periods of the year when the rains are scarce: December - February; July August.

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  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 272,00 per room -
  • Bogota: Salt Cathedral Group Tour with Daily Departure Trip to Villa de Leyva with private transport

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