10 Must See Attractions in Dubrovnik Croatia

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A dream summer destination, a must for an explosive New Year. It really makes everyone agree Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and one of the Croatian cities most crowded by tourists par excellence. Thanks to the clear beaches, the unbridled nightlife, the monuments and the surrounding islands that have made the charming town even the ideal set for a famous TV series! If you are eager to get to know the beautiful Dubrovnik better, here is a small vademecum with the ten must-see attractions of this little oasis of fun.


  1. The Ancient Walls
  2. Lokrum Island
  3. Old Town
  4. Monte Sergio
  5. War Photo Limited
  6. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin
  7. Cavtat
  8. Banje Beach
  9. Rectors Palace / Museum
  10. Elaphite Islands
  11. User questions and comments

1 - The Ancient Walls

Raise your hand who, among the die-hard fans of "Game of Thrones", has not recognized the ancient ones Walls of Dubrovnik as the location of some of the show's most significant scenes.
After all, how not to introduce it as a natural set two kilometers of walls, erected to protect the historic city center, with annexes five strong e sixteen towers and bastions? Walking along this effective line of defense will give the tourist a breathtaking scenery and a feeling of entering a page of history, albeit particularly painful, of Dubrovnik. Just access the Walls from Pile holder, a sixteenth-century door that allows access to the old city: be careful, however, to avoid the hottest hours of the day to visit this extraordinary attraction.

  • from the city center, the Walls can be reached on foot in less than 30 minutes, proceeding north towards Ul. Andrije Hebranga - Get directions
  • Mon-Sun 08:00 - 19:00 (summer); 10:00 - 15:00 (from November to February)
  • full € 12,00; reduced € 4,00

2 - Island of Lokrum

A corner of paradise, immersed in just two kilometers of lush flora, curious fauna and clear and uncontaminated sea. Although only 15 minutes away from the port of Dubrovnik, theLokrum island it has all the air of being an "other" universe, a small parallel world protected with painstaking attention by the natives who forbid, for example, smoking in every corner of the island, except in the two bars at the entrance. Lokrum is, in fact, one small nature reserve, to be explored by walking along the twisted paths; to know, visiting the Botanical Garden present on the ground; to live, taking advantage of the purity of its beaches, also accessible to nudists.

  • Lokrum can be reached in 15 minutes by taking the ferry from the port of Dubrovnik - Get directions
  • the island is always accessible
  • € 4,00
  • guided kayak tour

3 - Historic Center

The main street of the city center of Dubrovnik is called Placa or Stradun and it is divided into two parts, southern and northern. The center (and its main street) is the beating heart of Dubrovnik, so much so that it has been given the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bars, shops, squares, monuments and fountains (the most important of which, the fountain of Onofrio, built in 1438, was created as part of an aqueduct with the aim of guaranteeing the city the water supply): the city center is the ideal destination 365 days a year, for a summer full of nightlife and a New Year's Eve scream.

  • for a walk in the center just reach the Stradun in less than half an hour, moving towards Ul. Andrije Hebrang - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free, free visit

4 - Monte Sergio

It is one of the highest points in the city, from which you can admire the whole of Dubrovnik in delight and take a series of unforgettable photos. The mount Sergio is one of the most important viewpoints of the locality, also thanks to the funivia which connects it to the city center. The mountain can also be reached by car or scooter, but the real spectacle of this attraction is also given by the possibility of making this climb by cable car, despite the cost of the ride which is not exactly negligible.

  • with your own means of transport, the mountain can be reached in 16 minutes, via the Jadranska cesta road - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • the return trip to the mountain by cable car costs about € 17,00

5 - War Photo Limited

Il narration of some of the darkest moments in Croatian history and not only through images capable of touching hearts and consciences, moving us and pushing us to reflect. If you have the pleasure of visiting Dubrovnik, a stop at is a must War Photo Limited, vast photographic exposure of raw but true images, centered on the Yugoslav, Yemeni, Arab-Israeli war, not to forget what wickedness the human being, out of greed and thirst for power, can do.

  • the gallery is a one minute walk from Stradun - Get directions
  • Mon-Sun 10am - 00pm
  • € 7,00 about full; € 5,00 reduced

6 - Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

It is one of the oldest and most significant attractions in the city, besieged by the faithful and simply curious. Built in the th century, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin it is not a simple place of prayer: inside, in fact, the precious ones are preserved relics of San Biagio - patron saint of the city - and of the fragment of the Holy Cross, whose authenticity is, however, in doubt. Also adored by archaeologists, recent excavations have brought to light the "true" derivation of the Cathedral, which was rebuilt in Baroque after the devastating earthquake of 1667.

  • the Cathedral is located in the city center, one minute walk from Stradun - Get directions
  • Mon-Fri 09:00 - 16:00
  • free, free visit

7 - Cavtat

About 16-19 kilometers from the Dubrovnik we all know, there is Cavtat - better known as Epidaurum - or the "Old Ragusa" (Dubrovnik is also called Ragusa). In reality, Cavtat is not "old" in the everyday sense: the locality is alive, full of hotels, shops, monuments - including the Racic Mausoleum Galerija Bukovac which collects the works of Vlaho Bukovac - very famous local painter - and the church of San Biagio, dedicated to the patron saint of the city and dating back to the end of the th century. Also worthy of note are the suggestive marina and the splendid promenade, more accessible than that of the "new" Ragusa, where parking is rather lacking.

  • by car, taking the D8 - Get directions
  • Cavtat is always accessible
  • free, free visit

8 - Banje Beach

Among the most beautiful and equipped beaches in Dubrovnik, the most popular is undoubtedly that of Banje.
Perfectly divided into free and "equipped" - upon payment of the usual services provided by the beaches, such as deck chairs and umbrellas - Banje is a small corner of "fiesta" and pure fun, thanks to the cocktail bar present on the beach and the numerous attractions offered to bathers, from the boat trip towards Lokrum to the innovative motorboat ride hooked up to a parachute.

  • from Stradun, the beach can be reached on foot in just 8 minutes, taking Ul. Frana Supila - Get directions
  • Mon-Sun 09am - 00pm
  • to access the equipped part of the beach, 2 sunbeds and an umbrella cost about € 27,00

9 - Palazzo dei Rectors / Museum

Strolling on the Stradun we can come across another of the attractions of our "top ten" in Dubrovnik: the Palace of the Rectors. Built in the fifteenth century at the behest of the Rector - then Governor of the city - the structure was the first victim of an explosion, in 1435; subsequently, the palace was damaged by a new explosion. Rebuilt in Baroque, the palace hosts within its walls the Dubrovnik Museum, a vast historical collection of the city enriched by period furniture and works of art.

  • the palace is located on Stradun, in Pred Dvorom, within walking distance in 2 minutes - Get directions
  • the Palazzo dei Rectors is always accessible
  • admission to the museum located inside the building costs € 13,00 full price; € 3,00 approximately for children and students

10 - Elaphite Islands

They are far from the city center, but definitely worth a visit Elaphites, archipelago made up of islands Sipan, Lopud e Kolocep and other small islets that are configured as an uncontaminated Eden, populated by kind and jovial people. The typical Mediterranean scrub, with olive trees in bloom and colorful trees, welcomes the tourist inviting him to stroll in search of romantic locations, visiting quaint churches and relaxing on pristine beaches, for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

  • from the port of Gruz take the ferry; the journey takes about an hour and 40 minutes - Get directions
  • the islands are always accessible
  • free, free visit

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