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Are you alone taking low cost airlines for budget reasons? No problem, many of us do it. But be warned: if one day you happen to catch one of the following airlines, you might really stay flabbergasted for the luxury of their offer. Let's find out then 10 most luxurious airlines in the world, sorted by cost of the most luxurious route.

10 - Virgin Atlantic, UK

  • Foundation year: 1984
  • Number of destinations: 35
  • Fleet number: 39
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: London - Johannesburg, € 1.173 (economy class)

Virgin Atlantic serves over 30 destinations around the world, among which North America, the Caribbean and Africa. In first class there is maximum comfort: soft lighting, fully manually controllable seats, a very wide relaxation offer with screens and projections.

9 - Qantas, Australia

  • Foundation year: 1920
  • Number of destinations: 41
  • Fleet number: 126
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Sidney - Milan, € 3.000

On first-class flights, the seats are much more like a cabin, complete with sheepskin mattress e electronically controlled regulation. The tasting menu is wide and varied.

8 - Etihad Airways, United Arab Emirates

  • Foundation year: 2003
  • Number of destinations: 96
  • Fleet number: 115
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Abu Dhabi - Geneva, € 6.250

Flag airline of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to passenger transport, it also deals with charter and cargo flights. In terms of luxury, it offers everything a passenger could dream of: it is even possible to book "The Residence", a cabin with a double bedroom, living room, bathroom with shower.

7 - Qatar airways, Qatar

  • Foundation year: 1993
  • Number of destinations: 115
  • Fleet number: 200
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Doha - London, € 6.382

Flagship companion of Qatar, Skytrax obtained the highest rating: 5 stars. The company travels all over the world and its main airport is Doha. In first class there are gods seat separators that allow you to fully maintain your privacy and sleep undisturbed, and are all equipped with LCD screen.

6 - Swiss International Airlines, Switzerland

  • Foundation year: 2002
  • Number of destinations: 104
  • Fleet number: 87
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Zurich - Tokyo, € 6.600

Swiss International Airlines is the most important Swiss company. Recently founded, it serves the whole world and was later acquired by Lufthansa. During first-class travel, passengers are offered a Swiss chocolate and a set for the toilet.

5 - Lufthansa, Germany

  • Foundation year: 1953
  • Number of destinations: 215
  • Fleet number: 274
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Frankfurt - New York, € 7.260

Company based in Cologne, Lufthansa is the Germany's main airline and one of the most important in the world. It was there first airline to purchase a Boeing 737.

4 - Emirates, Dubai

  • Foundation year: 1985
  • Number of destinations: 161
  • Fleet number: 231
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Dubai - Tokyo, € 8.184

Emirates is the flag carrier of the Arab emirate of Dubai, and is the largest company in the middle east. During its existence it has received several awards and recognitions. In first class there are very spacious cabins, and passengers are given a BULGARI kit. The seat converts into a bed with the sheets.

3 - Singapore Airlines, Singapore

  • Foundation year: 1972
  • Number of destinations: 63
  • Fleet number: 107
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Singapore - Dublin, € 10.197

Long-standing company operating mainly in Southeast Asia. The most luxurious planes have suite with double beds. A toilet kit is provided and if you want you can also use the internet connection.

2 - British Airways, United Kingdom

  • Foundation year: 1974
  • Number of destinations: 183
  • Fleet number: 268
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: London - Hong Kong, € 13.424

British Airways is the largest British airline and one of the most luxurious in the world. The first class cabins are very modern with soft blue lights. Passengers are offered various services, including the pajamas and pantofole. The food it's great.

1 - All Nippon Airways, Japan

  • Foundation year: 1952
  • Number of destinations: 89
  • Fleet number: 207
  • Cost of the most luxurious route: Tokyo - London, € 21.594

Japanese airline based in Tokyo, offers extremely luxurious first class cabins, with ample space for luggage and with a total privacy. In the face of such a price, the best is expected.

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