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Sometimes, it happens that some facts leave traces, which only those with the glitter are able to see. I believe that in this hotel, over the years, many things that are not quite right have happened ... We could only introduce a ranking of the most terrifying hotels with a quote from the famous horror film "The Shining" by Stephen King, especially with the phrase of the cook, Mr Halloran, which introduces us perfectly into the climate ...

So let's see the scary ranking of the most terrifying hotels in the world and ... do you have the glitter?

10 - Parador de Cardona, Cardona (Spain)

If you like them love stories... end badly, start the escalation of scary places from hot Spain. This splendid hotel is located within a th century castle and boasts wonderful views over the Catalan countryside. Legend has it that the ghost of Adales, daughter of Viscount Raimon Folch. The young woman had fallen in love with a Muslim and for this was forced by her father to imprisonment. The poor thing, unable to give peace, still wanders around 712 room.

9 - Dr. Holms, Geilo (Norway)

Stories oflove and betrayals continue to mark our path by moving us to the Norwegian Hotel Dr. Holm. In 1926 an old lady took her own life after discovering her husband in bed with another. If her company intrigues you, you can find her in room 320; if she is busy don't worry, you might even meet her in the corridors!

8 - Relais Castello Bevilacqua, Verona (Italy)

Italy also offers particularly interesting locations. If you are in Verona, I recommend that you stay at the Bevilacqua Castle, ancient fortress built by the merchant Guglielmo Bevilacqua to defend his possessions from invaders.

In 1848, when the rebels were driven out by the Austrians, the castle was put to fire and sword Bevilacqua was burned to death. His ashes were scattered in the air and since that day it is said that the master wanders the walls of the fortress as if he still wanted to defend the castle from any threat.

7 - Villa Traiano, Benevento (Italy)

We stay in Italy and move to Benevento where the ancient legend of the "Witches of Benevento" hovers, dating back to the th century.
Benevento was a very Catholic and superstitious town that had to accept the difficult coexistence with the Lombard invaders and especially with their pagan rites.

For the inhabitants of the country the witchcraft strangest occurred on the banks of the river Sabato where the pagans ate the goat skin hanging from a sacred walnut tree, in honor of the god. It is said that until a few centuries ago the witches of Benevento they used to dance and sing before taking flight on foggy winter nights. Villa Traiano is located in the center and is considered the ideal starting point to meet these witches.

6 - The Langham London, London (UK)

We now move to London, where we find one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels as well the largest in Europe: The Langham Hotel. This place has seen very famous guests, from Oscar Wilde to Mark Twain, royal families, foreign dignitaries and celebrities.

Unfortunately, it is also remembered for a terrifying episode: the suicide of a German noble threw himself from one of the hotel windows. There room 333 should be for you, if you are eager to meet the transparent guest, otherwise you will still see him walking through the walls of the hotel suddenly lowering the temperature surrounding.

5 - Russell Hotel, Sidney (Australia)

We leave England to go to his penal colony, Australia. There you will find an ancient shelter for sailors which even earlier served as a hospital during deadly epidemics of smallpox and plague. No wonder it is now a hotel to be included among the scariest stops to visit! It is said, in fact, that it is haunted by ghost of a sailor who does not want to leave room 8 and who wakes guests at night by making the floor creak and staring at the poor unfortunates from the foot of the bed!

4 - Talbot Hotel, Oundle (United Kingdom)

Let's go to Northamptonshire in England, precisely to Fotheringhay Castle, built around 1100 AD and which had the honor of hosting two well-known royal rank characters: Richard III and Marta Stuarda, tried and beheaded precisely in that place in 1587. The castle was razed to the ground in 1627, but some internal parts were recovered, including the famous wooden staircase.

This staircase, from which Mary Stuart is said to have descended on her way to the gallows, is now in the Talbot Hotel in Oundle. Right here, in fact, she was seen going down and up these haunted steps, moving the adjacent furniture and repeatedly dropping her portrait attached to the nearby wall, scaring the poor guests.

3 - Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ottawa (Canada)

And from England we set sail towards the cold lands of Canada, retracing, indeed we hope not, the path of our next protagonist: Charles Melville Hays. He was the creator of the splendid French Renaissance-style castle with neo-Gothic hints Fairmont Chateau Laurier. Legend has it that Hays, who went to London to buy furniture to furnish his hotel, died on the way back to Canada, aboard an ocean liner ... Titanic! His ghost now enjoys his castle which he never had the pleasure of seeing finished when he was alive, despite his efforts to build it.

2 - Queen Mary, California (United States)

Remaining on the subject of ships, let's now pass to the historic boat used during the Second World War, The Queen Mary, now permanently moored in the port of Long Beach and also known as "The Gray Ghost".
Apparently some hotel guests have seen it several ghosts roam the ship. The most interesting rooms are the engine room, where a young sailor died during a fire drill and the kitchen, where it is said that the cook was burned alive. Then there is the first-class salon where a young woman was seen dancing alone and another lady in a 30s costume would wander around the pool.

1 - The Stanley, Estes Park (United States)

In the first place we could not fail to include the hotel that inspired Shining, one of the most terrifying films of all time. The writer gave birth to his masterpiece during his stay in the room 217 of the Stanley Hotel, which is located inside the Rocky Mountains National Park in Colorado. According to some witnesses, however, it is in the room 418 that the spirit of some children disturbs the sleep of the guests. The old owner of the property, Lord Dunraven it should, instead, haunt the room 407. In any case ... if a couple of twin girls should they ask you to go play with them ... run away!

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