10 Most Famous Buddhist Temples in the World

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Majestic and fascinating like few other structures in the world, there are many Buddhist temples that embellish the historical-cultural heritage of the Eastern world. Linked to timeless myths, wonderfully covered in gold and diamonds and above all very important destinations for millions of faithful ... here 10 Buddhist places of worship wonderful, fantastic temples, Pagoda e most important stupas in the world.

10 - Haeinsa, South Korea

Haeinsa it is one of the most important Buddhist temples in South Korea. It was built in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 19th century following a terrible fire. The greatest treasure kept in the temple is a complete copy of the Buddhist scriptures written on 81.258 wooden blocks, these fortunately were not destroyed by the fire.

9 - Wat Arun, Thailand

Located on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is one of the oldest and most renowned landmarks in Bangkok, in Thailand. The temple is an architectural representation of Mount Meru, the center of the universe in Buddhist cosmology. The best way to see Wat Arun is during the evening, with the sun setting behind it.

8 - Pha That Luang, Republic of Laos

Located in Vientiane, Pha That Luang is one of the most important monuments of Laos, . It consists of several terraces, each of which represents a stage of Buddhist enlightenment. The lowest level corresponds to the material world; the highest represents the world of nothing. Pha That Luang was built in the 16th century on the ruins of an earlier Khmer temple. It was destroyed by a Siamese invasion in 1828, then rebuilt by the French in 1931.

7 - Jokhang, Tibet

Il Jokhang Temple in Lhasa is the most important sacred place for the Tibetan Buddhism. It was built by King Songtsan Gampo in the 7th century. The Mongols sacked the Jokhang Temple several times, despite this the building has managed to survive to the present day. Today the temple complex covers an area of ​​approximately 25.000 square meters.

6 - Todaiji, Japan

Todaiji, in the city of Nara, is one of the most significant Buddhist structures in the Japan. It was built in the 8th century by the Emperor Shomu. Today very little remains of the original Todaiji building. It houses one of the largest Buddha statues in Japan and is the largest wooden building in the world, although its bulk is only two thirds of its original size.

5 - Boudhanath, Nepal

Located in a suburb of Kathmandu, Boudhanath it is one of the largest and most fascinating stupas on earth. It is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal, home to thousands of monks and refugees. It is known for the "Buddha eyes" located on the four sides of the tower. It seems that the present structure dates back to the 14th century, a period in which it was rebuilt after being destroyed by the Mughal invaders.

4 - Mahabodhi, India

Il Mahabodhi is located in Bodh Gaya in India. It was in this place that Siddhartha Gautama, the historical buddha, attained enlightenment. About 250 years later the emperor Asoka built a temple in the place, which can be considered the holiest place in Buddhism.

3 - Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma

La Shwedagon Pagoda (or Golden Pagoda) in Yangon, is a Buddhist place of worship in Burma. The origins of Shwedagon are lost in antiquity. It is estimated that the Pagoda was built by the Mon during the Bagan period, between the 6th and 10th centuries AD
The complex, whose height reaches 99 meters, is completely covered in gold.

2 - Bagan, Burma

The city of Bagan, it is located on the banks of the Ayerwaddy River, and is the largest agglomeration of temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins linked to Buddhist worship. It was the capital of several ancient Burmese kingdoms, whose sovereigns built beyond 4.400 temples.

1 - Borobudur, Indonesia

Located on the Indonesian island of Java, 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta, the Borobudur is the most famous Buddhist temple in the world. It was built in 75 years from Sailendra's reign, with around 2 million stone blocks. It was abandoned in the 14th century, for reasons that still remain a mystery, and for centuries it remained hidden in the jungle under layers of volcanic ash.

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