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Each lover dei viaggiwhen he has to organize his own holiday, chooses the hotel in which to stay based on certain needs.
There are those who go in search of the best low cost offers to save on the price, those who do not intend to give up certain comforts and those who are used to not compromising, booking only in extra luxury hotel. However, there is a small minority of people who are fascinated by curiosity and who are willing to throw themselves into singular situations in order to live a memorable experience, even at the expense of the comfort of conventional accommodation facilities.
ForTravelAdviceLovers dedicates to the latter the ranking of 10 Curious Hotels in the World!

10 - Capsule Hotel, Japan

Let's start with Capsule Hotel, type of structures born a few years ago in Japan and has now become very current in the Asian archipelago. It is about small adjacent niches to each other that in some ways resemble a beehive. Don't be fooled by the size! The capsules are quite comfortable and inside them there are numerous comfort.

9 - La Piantata Farmhouse, Italy

Who among us has never dreamed of having one tree house? With the farm The plantation you can make one of your childhood wishes come true: sleep in a structure built on top of a tree. Built 8 meters above the ground, it is located at Rome in the open countryside. You can become a child again and at the same time enjoy a breathtaking view surrounded by nature.

8 - Icehotel, Sweden

Higher in the ranking we find a structure, or rather a typology of structures, which for us Italians seems really inconceivable, but in reality it is absolutely ordinary in Scandinavian countries. THE'Ice Hotel di Jukkasjärvi, a town in the far north of Sweden, is made entirely of ice, both outside and inside.

The building is truly impressive and its charm makes it one of the best tourist accommodations in the nation, as well as themost beautiful ice hotel in the world.

7 - Jules Lodge, USA

Definitely the diving enthusiasts they will appreciate the Jules' Lodge. This underwater facility is located 6 meters underwater in close proximity to Key Largo, in Florida and ranks seventh in our "curious" ranking. Although the spaces are not particularly large, the rooms seem to be still fantastic and surprisingly comfortable.

And then, do you want to put the pleasure of ordering a pizza and having it delivered to you by a sub delivery man?

6 - Sala Silvergruva, Sweden

Also in Sweden are Silvergruva room, once silver mine, today an elegant hotel that boasts the primacy of deepest hotel in the worldIn fact, its rooms are located in 155 meters of depth! Furthermore, if the particular location is not enough to fascinate you, you will be able to discover in the meanders of the mine laghetti, caves e gallery really fantastic.

5 - Songjijan, China

Il Songjijan, in China, is placed in the t rightfully winning the fifth position. It is in fact one of the most beautiful resorts on the Asian continent as well as in the whole world. The structure was built and developed inside one fantastic natural waterfall and offers its guests extremely high comfort and high quality services.

4 - Boot Hotel, New Zealand

A few years ago in Italy a cartoon called Mamma Oca & Grimm was broadcast, whose protagonists were a goose and a dog, who lived inside a shoe-shaped house. Well, it seems that the owners of the Boot Hotel they took inspiration from this cartoon for the realization of their incredible structure. It is located in New Zealand and it is a small hotel of just two floors in boot shape.

3 - Sand Hotel, England

Some people find it difficult to create a little one Sandcastle on the beach, others manage to sculpt authentic works of art. Then there are some crazy people who manage to build a real hotel. What can I say, really fantastic ... Just a pity that the Sand Hotel di Weymouth in Dorset, a town on the English coast, both came down with the first autumn rains.

2 - Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm

Consisting of 25 rooms, the Jumbo Hostel, in Stockholm, wins the silver medal. This very special accommodation was incredibly made from the remains of an old Boeing.

Of course the most beautiful suite and coveted by guests is the one located in former cockpit, which guarantees a sensational view of the airport.

1 - Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

Only the Americans could come up with an idea as absurd as it was brilliant. In the first place we find the Dog Bark Park Inn, located in the state of Idaho.
The hotel attracts a disproportionate number of annual visitors, but we are willing to bet that the latter are not attracted by the quality of the services. The hotel consists of two structures: Toby and Sweet Willy; it is appropriate to say, what names from dogsEtc.

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