10 Mistakes Not To Make While Camping

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How beautiful is the campsiteEtc.
Relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, immerse yourself in nature, bond with loved ones, sleep under the stars and ... bla bla bla.
The truth is that a camping holiday can turn into hell, especially if it is the first experience. Too hot, too cold, I'm uncomfortable, I can't sleep, I'm hungry like wolves and many other complaints heard and resent a million times ...

Too many think that it is enough to have the basic equipment and a minimum of knowledge of the area to be able to live an unforgettable experience.
But the reality is quite different: you have to organize and plan everything.
Of course, only with the right experience can you become perfect campers, but by documenting yourself a little you can prevent your tent holiday from turning into a nightmare.
Here 10 common mistakes to avoidEtc.


  1. Don't make a good checklist
  2. Choosing the wrong curtain
  3. Relying too much on starting a fire
  4. Bring unsuitable food
  5. Underestimate the fauna
  6. Underestimate the flora
  7. Disregard the natural rhythms
  8. Carrying unnecessary stuff
  9. Wearing the wrong clothes
  10. Don't enjoy camping
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Don't make a good checklist

Camping requires a lot of preparation. It is not enough to have a knife, a curtain and everything you need to light a fire to make sure that everything goes the right way. Take one must-have list and then add other useful tools, by doing so you will be able to prepare a good bag without forgetting something.

2 - Choose the wrong curtain

Oh yes, there are hundreds of different models that vary in quality, functionality, style and ease of assembly. Don't underestimate the importance of choose the right curtainotherwise you run the risk of not sleeping all night.
Size is a particularly important factor if you are in the company of other people.

3 - Relying too much on lighting a fire

Everyone loves a crackling fire, but how many of us really know how to light one up and make it last as long as possible?
Bring at least a couple of logs with you. Even if you go out into nature, it is not certain that you will be able to find wood that can be used for this purpose.
In any case, always think of a plan B: such as heavy blankets for the night and foods that do not need to be cooked.
Many inexperienced people think they can cook easily in the woods, actually being able to light and control a flame that can cook your food correctly is really a utopia, unless you are American colonists. If you want to have a barbecue Decent equip yourself with everything you need (charcoal, lighter, grill, etc.) or find out if there are stationary grills in the place where you intend to stay.

4 - Bring unsuitable food

Many campers carry steaks and hamburgers with them, relying on unreliable refrigerators and coolers. These foods deteriorate quickly if not kept in a cool place, and moreover they need to be cooked. Unfortunately, anything that needs to happen can happen be pre-existing. Always bring some canned food reserves, this way you can avoid hunger if something goes wrong. On the other hand, a spring shower is enough to compromise a barbecue!

5 - Underestimate the fauna

Remember to pack your food, dispose of your waste in a civilized way and keep the curtains closed when you are not inside them, otherwise you will risk attract the attention of neighborsEtc.
Be it a deer, a raccoon or the "tender" yogi bear, when you meet a wild animal you must always pay close attention! Be alert and even before leaving, read up on what to do if a similar situation arises. Ah, one more thing, watch out for mosquitoes; bring good insect repellent!

6 - Underestimate the flora

Animals aren't the only danger. Identifying poisonous flower species is really difficult, even for experts! So if you don't want to get hives avoid picking up and touching everything happens before your eyes. And for heaven's sake, leave the mushrooms aloneEtc.

7 - Don't take into account natural rhythms

Remember that in camping you have to follow the natural rhythms. You get up with the first light of day and go to bed when night falls. Don't waste too much daylight: pitching the tent and cooking in the dark is much more difficult as well as dangerous. Anyway bring at least a couple of torches.

8 - Carrying useless stuff

Space is a precious asset inside a camping tent. Do not load yourself with unnecessary items and gadgets, clothes and not very functional tools.
Make it a rule: each person can carry only one bag.

9 - Wear the wrong clothes

Bring sneakers and a pair of sandals. Dress in layers with functional clothing and learn to live with some dirt. No original outfits, you are camping not at the Milan fashion week.

10 - Don't enjoy camping

Stop complaining: if you don't like camping nobody forces you to do it!
You have to live the experience with the right mood, only in this way can you truly relax and appreciate nature in its immense simplicity.

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