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Raise your hand who at least once in their life has not dreamed of abandoning everything for live like a hippy. The movement, born around the 60s, is known to be followed by the quietest and most carefree people in the world.
Marijuana, music and pacifism are their mantra. Nonconformity is their supreme motto. Even though the hippie wave deflated after a memorable decade, they still exist in the world today places where hippies live happily. In this particular list we find out what are and where are.


  1. Valley of the moon, Sardinia
  2. Naxos, Greece
  3. Altea, Alicante
  4. Arembepe, Brazil
  5. Goa, India
  6. Himalaya, Nepal
  7. Nelson, Canada
  8. Nimbin, Australia
  9. Tulum, Mexico
  10. Eugene, United States
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1 - Valley of the moon, Sardinia

Italy also has its own corner of paradise where it is possible to relive the Hippy belief. In the fantastic reserve of Valle della Luna, close by Santa Teresa di Gallura, a tribe of flower children resists the passing of years.

For the inhabitants of this area, time seems to have stopped and although Sardinia is a very crowded island in summer, the natural paths and extravagant architecture make it a very popular hippie location.

2 - Naxos, Greece

Hippies from all over the world can rest assured, in Greece, and precisely in Naxos, there will always be a place for them. In this island there are three things that are never lacking, whatever the season of the year in which one happens: beer, good music and the mood of the 60s.

3 - Altea, Alicante

It will be because it attracts thousands of artists every year, it will be because the musicians choose it as a destination for their travels or simply for the delightful Mediterranean location, the fact is that Altea it is known as the hippie area par excellence in Spain. A bit crazy in some corners, this country where freedom is law has become a popular hippie destination in present times.

4 - Arembepe, Brazil

Arembepe it is about 20 km from Salvador de Bahia. Inhabited by very few people, it is characterized as a place that refuses to change the landscape.
Hippies prefer it for the tranquility that the place guarantees and for the peace it inspires. Mystical.

5 - Goa, India

Someone once said that many lives are not enough to absorb all the experiences India has to offer. That someone was right. Areas like Pushkar and Goa they are extremely popular with hippies. Legendary raves and colorful "carnival" parties are the order of the day.

6 - Himalaya, Nepal

The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal has not deterred the adventurous hippies: here they are found everywhere, from the slopes of theHimalayas to the magical city of Kathmandu. Judging by the popularity of this destination, we can deduce that the crisp Himalayan air and the sweet (pro) smoke of marijuana are a liberating combination.

7 - Nelson, Canada

Nelson is a bohemian city that has managed to keep its carefree spirit intact. This location is unquestionably beautiful: the snow that covers the surrounding mountains draws a spectacular landscape, truly enviable. Hippies love it above all for its colors and musicality.

8 - Nimbin, Australia

In ancient Australia, hippy culture was not widespread. However, places like Byron Bay, Nimbin and Lismore have emerged as havens for alternative cultures and communities. Nimbin in particular, just breathe the air of the place to understand what we are talking about.
This small village in New South Wales is doing strong right now due to its counter-cultural wave.

9 - Tulum, Mexico

Probably the most peaceful place on earth, Jumpsuit it is a magical combination of ancient ruins, fabulous shorelines and charming restaurants. It has everything you need to lead a hippie life. Its bars and bistros, local markets selling everything from weed to local organic products, its untouched places will make you fall in love with this corner of paradise.

10 - Eugene, United States

Undeniably the best hippie destination in the United States, Eugene it is perhaps the most narcissistic city in this country.
In this city, hippies thrive free and cheerful. In this place the smell of marijuana is a constant smoke.

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