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Parma is a beautiful town in Emilia-Romagna. Poor in traffic and quiet, it is rich in traditions, especially culinary ones. It is in fact home of Parmigiano Reggiano, of ham but also of many other specialties. It is also a lively university city and that is why the entertainment and attractions for young people, but not only, are varied and suitable for every budget. If you go through Parma at aperitif time, we can recommend some places where this moment is celebrated almost daily. Follow us, therefore, to discover the 10 best places to enjoy an excellent aperitif in Parma.


  1. Tabarro
  2. Fontana wine shop
  3. Kikko
  4. Red Shadows
  5. Pepèn
  6. Bistrot bubbles
  7. Highlander Pub
  8. Degusteria Romans
  9. Shakespeare Café
  10. Art & Taste
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Tabarro

It is a place located in the central area of ​​the city. Frequented by a rather demanding clientele, in this place you will find a good selection of wines, craft beers and spirits. Excellent is the search for the best local products, such as cheeses, cold cuts but not only.

  • Address: strada Farini, 5
  • Average price: 15 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: local cold cuts and cheeses
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 200223, www.facebook.com/EnotecaTabarro/?fref=ts

2 - Enoteca Fontana

This place is also located in the central area, right where all the city nightlife is concentrated. If you ask around, many people will point out Enoteca Fontana how ideal place for an aperitif. Furnished in a traditional way, it offers a good selection of wines served by the glass and accompanied by canapés, focaccia stuffed with excellent cold cuts but not only, mixed platters for all tastes.

  • Address: strada Farini, 24
  • Average price: 8 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: stuffed focaccia
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 286037, www.facebook.com/pages/Enoteca-Fontana/158714640824152

3 - Kikko

A place that brings together students, away from home and not, for its characteristic of being low cost but with good quality. In addition to wine and craft beers, at this place it is possible to discover the delicious cutting boards and stuffed sandwiches. Furthermore, every week, the restaurant presents a new craft beer. A non-alcoholic alternative? Try it organic apple juice.

  • Address: via d'Azeglio, 84 / A
  • Average price: 10 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: stuffed sandwiches
  • Contacts: Phone 0521 571371, www.facebook.com/pages/Kikko/172316719486578

4 - Red Shadows

The environment is informal and combines a rustic style with a more modern one. On the walls it is possible to see numerous bottles that make up the wine list, very well supplied. That's why this venue represents an ideal meeting point for wine lovers. During the aperitif it is possible to order, in addition to the classic cold cuts platters, also delicious croutons and exotic tapas.

  • Address: vicolo Giandemaria, 4
  • Average price: 15 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: tapas and croutons
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 289234

5 - Pepèn

This place is a must for sandwich lovers and Parma street food. Casual setting and a long menu of stuffed sandwiches make this little venue a must see for a rustic but delicious aperitif.

  • Address: Borgo S. Ambrogio, 2
  • Average price: 10 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: stuffed sandwiches
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 282650, www.facebook.com/Pep%C3%A8n-Official-1394613000797861/

6 - Bistrot bubbles

Recently opened, this bistro is spread over 3 floors and also has a kitchen service. Every day there are proposals by the glass, the wine list is provided with over 300 labels.

  • Address: Piazzale San Bortolomeo, 9
  • Average price: 16 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: cold cuts and cheeses
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 208455

7 - Highlander Pub

Every Friday in this pub, from 18 to 21 pm, a special tasting aperitif. What's it about? Every week they are proposed beers with a different style. In addition to tasting, there is no shortage of information on beer, how to taste it and much more.

  • Address: via La Spezia, 51
  • Average price: 10 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: craft beers and sandwiches
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 253921

8 - Degusteria Romans

It is a cozy and characteristic place, small but welcoming. The service is quick and the quality is great. It is the right place for those who want to taste the real local cured meats.

  • Address: Borgo Palmia, 2
  • Average price: 15 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: local cold cuts
  • Contacts: Phone 0521 229816, www.facebook.com / degusteriaromani

9 - Shakespeare Café

A modern venue that has recently enriched its proposal with evenings with live music and DJ sets. The specialty, in addition to cold cuts and cheeses and various appetizers, is pasta, dressed with selected and inviting sauces.

  • Address: via Goito, 1
  • Average price: 12 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: pasta
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 237969

10 - Art & Taste

The classic buffet aperitif is served in this modern and refined local, where many aficionados also organize birthday parties and various celebrations.

  • Address: via Emilia Est, 87
  • Average price: 12 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: buffet aperitif with pasta, snacks, cold cuts and cheeses
  • Contacts: Telephone 0521 481784, www.facebook.com/ArteGustoPR

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