10 best places for an aperitif in Naples

Naples is a city known for its history, for its artistic beauties but also for an important culinary tradition and for the conviviality that is breathed in every corner. The ritual of the aperitif it is an "invention" that originates more in the North, but is also gaining momentum lately in the Neapolitan capital.
That's why we wanted to offer you a list of the best places where you can have an aperitif, perhaps enjoying the splendid view of the sea or where you can taste food and wine delicacies.


  1. Enoteca Belledonne
  2. Barril
  3. Azar Cafe
  4. Historical Archive
  5. Vanilla Cafe
  6. Space Nea
  7. Salmoneria Upnea
  8. Ham
  9. Kestè
  10. Intra Moenia Literary Cafe
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Belledonne wine shop

  • Address: Vico Belledonne in Chiaia, 18
  • Average price: 11 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: olives and taralli
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 403162 -

A real trendy place what this has recently become characteristic wine bar. Here you can sip delicious wine by choosing from numerous labels, accompanying your glass with Italian specialties, such as platters of cheeses and salami, olives and taralli. To enrich the offer are also present Spanish culinary specialties, bruschetta but also tasty croutons prepared with Altamura bread.

2 - Barril

  • Address: Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 11
  • Average price: 12 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: eggplant parmigiana
  • Contacts: Telephone 393 9814362 -

It is a very quiet place to be discovered, as it is only once you enter that you can appreciate its full potential. The decor rustic but very nice allows those looking for a little relaxation to enjoy a glass of excellent wine and some specialties such as aubergine parmigiana. They are not missing cold cuts and cheeses and the classic bruschetta.

3 - Azar Cafe

  • Address: Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 139
  • Average price: 8 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: assorted finger food
  • Contacts: Phone 081 578 0248,

In the nightlife of Vomero this place has conquered a prominent place thanks also to well furnished garden and a suggestive atmosphere. Here you can chat with your friends, perhaps over a cocktail accompanied by excellent examples of finger food. The restaurant is also famous for its excellent desserts.

4 - Historical Archive

  • Address: Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 30
  • Average price: 12 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: assorted cocktails
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 1932 1922,

This restaurant is also located in Vomero and offers great assorted cocktails to be enjoyed in company and perhaps shared. It also has outdoor spaces, where during the weekend you can find many kids even at aperitif time. Local suitable for those who are not discouraged by the long waits to be served.

5 - Vanilla Cafe

  • Address: Via Partenope, 12
  • Average price: 15 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: saltimbocca
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 764 3200,

It is a place that is struggling to keep up with others already well established and organized for an aperitif. The average price is a bit high and the quality not excellent, but the view enjoyed from the tables of this place is priceless. Quality or panorama? To you the choice.

6 - Nea space

  • Address:
    Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 53 (first access)
    Piazza Bellini, 59 (first access)
  • Average price: 12 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: desserts
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 451358,

It is a real one Contemporary Art Gallery, where it is possible to have an aperitif in complete tranquility. Often venue for local music concerts, it is possible to sip a drink in the open space of the restaurant. In addition to savory snacks, cakes and sweet dishes are recommended at Spazio Nea.

7 - Upnea delicatessen

  • Address: Via San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli, 34/35
  • Average price: 15 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: smoked mozzarella
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 1936 4649,

The Salumeria indication does not do justice to this delightful bistro located in the historic center of Naples which is also a restaurant. Good food is at home here, the proposals vary from typical Neapolitan specialties revisited in a modern way. The quality is medium-high, it is possible to choose wines, meats and cheeses from Campania and produced by small companies in the area.

8 - Jamon

  • Address: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 9
  • Average price: 15 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: Iberian jamon
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 420 2458,

A tiny but delicious place that offers an excellent selection of wines, thanks to the great passion of the owner, but also tasty meats and cheeses from all over Italy and beyond. Try the bruschetta, lard and pepper taralli but also craft beers.

9 - Kestè

  • Address: Largo San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli, 26
  • Average price: 12 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: personalized cocktails
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 781 0034,

It is a place in the historic center very popular with students, both Italians and from all over the world. Kestè is famous not only for its wines, cocktails and culinary specialties but also for musical and cultural events organized.

10 - Intra Moenia Literary Café

  • Address: Piazza Bellini, 70
  • Average price: 17 Euros
  • Recommended specialty: mixed cutting boards
  • Contacts: Telephone 081 451652,

Located in the historic city center, it is becoming one of the reference points for the ritual of the aperitif by a refined and demanding clientele. The environment is cultured and, in addition to offering food and drinks, it organizes exhibitions, presentations and concerts.

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