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Brescia, the city of the renowned Pirlo cocktail: a real institution for the aperitif of Brescia and beyond! Her prescription is now known: still white wine, Campari or Aperol and sparkling water. Both in the city and in the province there are very nice places for an aperitif, some of which offer buffet food. Let's find out the list of best places for happy hour in Brescia & neighborhood!


  1. Chinotto Bar
  2. Elite Cathedral
  3. Review
  4. Liquid World
  5. Beach
  6. Floor Zero
  7. The Court
  8. Viselli
  9. Hummingbird
  10. Zerotrenta coffee shop
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Bar Chinotto

  • Address: Corso Palestro, 25122 Brescia
  • Average price: € 5
  • Contacts: https://www.facebook.com/Bar-Chinotto-170526625839/

Historic bar in the historic center of Brescia, near the Church of S. Francesco. For over 20 years it has been renowned for its aperitifs: pirlo, soft drinks, goblets with the addition of a buffet consisting of various types of canapes, pizzas, chips. Small inside, it has a nice space on the street outside.

2 - Elite Cathedral

  • Address: Piazza Paolo VI, 24, 25121 Bresci
  • Average price: € 5
  • Contacts: tel. 338/3839465, https://www.facebook.com/Duomo-DElite-622238424573120/

Younger brother of the renowned Elite Cafè in Via Crocifissa, the Duomo D'Elite has been open for a couple of years and is located on the splendid Piazza Duomo, in front of the Duomo Vecchio. Great pirli for € 5 with buffet consisting of canapés, chips, vegetables, pizzas. Large open space to relax and enjoy the wonderful architecture of the square.

3 - Review

  • Address: Piazza Statuto, 5, 25049 Iseo BS
  • Average price: € 6
  • Contacts: tel. 030/981040, https://www.facebook.com/RipassoIseo/

We move from the city and go to Iseo, about 20 minutes from Brescia. In main square of the capital of the homonymous lake there is the local Ripasso, very large, modern and specialized in breakfasts and aperitifs. Rich buffet with dishes prepared at the moment. The Tropical Mojito is highly recommended.

4 - Liquid World

  • Address: Largo Torrelunga, 4, 25121 Brescia
  • Average price: € 8
  • Contacts: 030/2808637, https://www.facebook.com/MondoLiquido/

Mondo Liquido is one of the most popular places for young people from Brescia and beyond. With a large indoor and outdoor space, it provides different aperitif formulas: from pirlo + cutting board for € 6 al pirlo + cutting board + pizza for € 10. Other formulas are also available, such asaperidolce. It is located in the beautiful location of the Water Park, near Piazzale Arnaldo.

5 - Beach

  • Address: Via Nicostrato Castellini, 14, 25123 Brescia
  • Average price: € 6
  • Contacts: 030/3752271, https://www.facebook.com/lapolveriera.beach/

Not far from Liquid World, opposite the Castellini parking, there is the Beach, adjacent to the La Polveriera restaurant. The beach is specialized in aperitifs and bars, and during happy hours it offers a large buffet with both hot and cold dishes.

6 - Floor Zero

  • Address: Via Avis, 22, 25032 Chiari (Brescia)
  • Average price: € 8
  • Contacts: 030/7012101, https://www.facebook.com/pianozeroclub/

Easily accessible from Brescia thanks to BreBeMi, Piano Zero in Chiari is a must for those who love Milanese aperitifs. Well-stocked buffet of snacks, both cold and savory first and second courses (pasta, risotto, stews, vegetables, pizza ...), the happy hour includes different formulas in the evening: € 12 pirlo + buffet,€ 15 pirlo + buffet + water + sweet + coffee. Reservation recommended.

7 - The Court

  • Address: Via Luigi Apollonio 72, Brescia - Inside the Hotel Master
  • Average price: € 7
  • Contacts: tel. 030/5233025

Barely visible restaurant / place for aperitifs, but really excellent: it is located between the gallery and via Crocifissa, inside the Hotel Master on the street corner. The Pirlone costs € 7, and the drink is accompanied by a simple but very good buffet, consisting of sandwiches, canapés, sandwiches. Elegant location and also recommended in case of business aperitifs.

8 - Viselli

  • Address: Via Tosio, 25, 25121 Brescia
  • Average price: € 8
  • Contacts: tel. 030/44990, https://www.facebook.com/visellibar/

Small restaurant near Piazzale Arnaldo known for the historian Champagnone, renowned cocktail with secret recipe. Since there is a small space, usually the tasting takes place on the outside, standing. The place is always crowded, so: be patient! Available appetizers buffet.

9 - Hummingbird

  • Address: Via Brescia, 19, 2505 Rodengo Saiano (Brescia)
  • Average price: € 7
  • Contacts: tel. 030/610196, https://www.facebook.com/colibriwinecocktailcafe/

Famous place for aperitifs and evening parties, karaoke included, just 15 minutes from Brescia. The place is very spacious and cocktails are accompanied by a cutting board with some appetizers. Well stocked list of Franciacorta wines.

10 - Zerotrenta Cafeteria

  • Address: Via XXV Aprile 58, Brescia
  • Average price: € 5
  • Contacts: tel. 030/5058352, https://www.facebook.com/Caffetteria-Zerotrenta-372261132956628/

Small and very particular place in front of the prisons, furnished in the living room with many available books to read. Wide snack buffet.

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